A One Woman Musical by Meg Anderson 

"A unique spectacle!" - Herald Times

“Deeply-felt, thoughtful, entertaining, creative, funny and moving piece. 

Everything you want live theatre to be.” 

- Julia G, San Francisco’s 2019

Queer Solo Fest 

She's a master performer --

I could watch Meg

brush her teeth!

- Louise Cloutier, Singer, Voice-Coach, Chicago

The music, dance and story were profound... and so was the comedy!

- Taylor Bibat

August 20 - September 4, 2021
@ the Indy Fringe Theater

Big Gay Debutante Ball is an epic, one-woman musical about a midwestern preacher’s daughter who braves her way out of hiding into a re-imagined world where gay women are celebrated with a fabulous coming-out ball. Musician, storyteller, dancer and comic, Meg Anderson, embodies her story with equal parts heartbreaking frankness and hilarity as she envisions a world that fully embraces radical self-acceptance.

Multidisciplinary artist and comic, Meg Anderson, draws from an eclectic training in contemporary and street dance, Meisner acting, physical storytelling, film, and a myriad of choral music forms to create solo works and collaborative pieces. With a style described as “fierce, funny and transformational,” she confronts her audiences with a raw honesty edged with humor and grace.

S u c c e s s ! T h a n k s !

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