"A unique spectacle!" - Herald Times

“Deeply-felt, thoughtful, entertaining, creative, funny and moving piece. 

What you want live theatre to be.” 

- Julia G, presenter of San Francisco’s 2019 Queer Solo Fest 

A one-woman coming-out journey told through comedy, original music, dance and storytelling. 


Intimate, fearless, fierce and funny

BIG GAY DEBUTANTE BALL is a hit of courage for LGBTQ folk and beyond to love out loud and proud.


What Audiences are Saying


"Relatable to LGBTQ folks at any stage of coming out"

- Arielle Soussan, Herald Times  

“Felt so personal and palpable. The songs are deadly.” 

- Michael Golden

“Golden, Intellectual, Sensual, Sexy, Beautiful, Tender. Broad range of feelings carried through the show. Nobody could deny the humanity of this story.” - N. F.

“I think so many people that have dealt with the fear of being discovered and the shame of being different would identify.” - Rachael Jones

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